Acanthophis Gore: Acanthophis Gore pt XX

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Acanthophis Gore pt XX

Anthony Watts, a retired meteorologist from California, has compiled quite the collection of data regarding the obvious & blatant practices of NOAA, USCRN and other entities responsible for measuring local and global temperatures. These people have measured data in this way for more than one hundred years. However, as time goes on, they say, progress has sprung up around their sensors. So they had to be moved. Many of them were relocated post George Bush and post the Al Gore rantings on climate change. Sensors have been placed in new settings which now actually go against their own long established guidelines and restrictions. Is this on purpose? Well, if there were only one documented case I would say, "No, absolutely not. Mistakes can be made."

However, if I learned about five documented cases I may be curious, but in no way would I say they are proof of a concerted effort to manipulate data. So what would you say if dozens of such cases were documented or almost 1/4 of the sensors currently collecting data in the US? Well, Mr. Watts is still uncovering them and he has dozens of such cases documented thus far.

Durring this time I bet NOAA has made a hasty effort to correct the worst cases before Watts can add them to his list. So that makes us wonder, how many of these sensors were moved into conditions meant to skew data prior to the noise made by Watts? Also, how come we don't find any that have been 'inadvertantly' placed in cold situations? None have been found near abnormally cool areas. None are in complete shade from the sun or accidentally situated near the front end of a fan. All situations just happen to cause the sensors to read a warmer than normal temperature.

Is it possible that, in order to help Al Gore and his Enviro-nuts in their quest to prove Global Warming, NOAA and others strategically place thermometers and sensors that collect temperature data which go into our National Climatic Database? This Data Base is used to prove we are warming faster and faster.
However, if NOAA is forced to correct all of these sensors, Al Gore and his traveling Marxist band will lose a great tool. Because the readings will not be the same when these sensors are replaced correctly. The temperature will even out and the hoax of global warming will be further revealed.

If this is done intentionaly, what they have done is criminal and they should be exposed and convicted of fraud!
Please forward this to everyone you know so they too can see how climate 'Science' is invented.
I have included a few of the pictures from Mr. Watt's website. Please follow
THIS LINK to his site and read the whole story.
It is an indictment of Gore and all those Scientists who seek to use JUNK SCIENCE to line their pockets and promote a Socialist agenda.

Note: By NOAA standards, sensors should be positioned so that they are 100 ft or more from objects that retain or give off heat. Any closer and the readings will be compromised.
You will note in these pictures that sensors have been placed near asphalt, A/C exhausts, cars, tar and shingle rooftops, trash burning barrels, fireplace chimneys, Cell towers, BBQ Grills, brick walls, heat emitting sewage vats, cinder/ash rockbeds and even near airplane parking spots!
Do you think these highly educated scientists just 'Accidentally' placed these thermometers in such hotspots?

Notice a difference? One of these graphs supports Global Warming....which could it be?
Now do you still trust these people to properly and honestly inform you about something so important and potentially life changing as anthropogenic (man-made) global warming?
I certainly do NOT! Enjoy the pictures watch the video by BobCarter and then visit Anthony Watts' Blog. It is worth the time.

~Watch video of Bob Carter speaking about the farce of Anthopogenic Global Warming~


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is absolutely shocking!

Anonymous Timmothy Dails said...

This is irrefutable proof that the environmental movement is willing to lie to prove their point and promote their agenda!
Watts really did a service to mankind. So have you Ken, by helping to bring these things to our attention!
Thanks !!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

really interesting stuff ,no doubt about it but there are mysterious and deliberate goings on afoot
the bible is right after all


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