Acanthophis Gore: Acanthophis Gore pt VII

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Acanthophis Gore pt VII

Al Gore says 2006 will see a new record in Hurricanes and that they will be even more intense than before.

Yet absolutely no Hurricanes approached America. As a matter of fact 2006 was the quietest Hurricane season on record.

Al Gore reported in his film that the Center for Science and Policy report predicts sealevels would rise 20 ft in 80 years due to arctic Ice Sheets melting.

But the report actually said it would be more like 3 feet.Then the Center for Science and Policy changed their story and claimed sea levels will actually only rise 17 inches in 80 to 100 years not 3 ft like was reported earlier.Actually, scientific data un-refuted by Gore and his scientists, says that thickening ice in the Antarctic, in fact, is just about offsetting the meltwater being released from the edges of the Greenland ice sheet—which has also been thickening in its center. This leaves us with a global warming sea level gain of about 1.8 millimeters per year—or 4 inches per century. The rise has remained constant during the 20th century despite the moderate 0.6 degree C warming of the planet.

Did you follow that? Gore says that the Antarctic is melting and will cause the sea to rise by 20 ft. Though the very people he cited not only said it would be three not twenty feet but changed their story completely by changing the number to 17 inches.However Gore and his buddies at the CFSP ignore real scientific data that says the sea levels rise an average of 4 inches per century, even when it became hotter. Ice sheets melt while other parts of the Antarctic adds layers of ice.the bottom line. The Earth's climate changes and cooling/warming cycles are normal. Not only are they normal but warming trends are vital to agriculture, forest and animal health.


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