Acanthophis Gore: Acanthophis Gore pt IX

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Acanthophis Gore pt IX

"This is a Moral issue..." Al Gore
This February The UK publication 'Daily Mail' released an article that caused many an animal lover to tear up and curse the evil Americans who apparently are the only ones responsible for Global Warming.

The piece was called 'Global Warming sees polar bears stranded on melting ice'. It talks about how the melting ice is stranding polar bears such as the one in the picture they provided (ABOVE).

Once you get to the Daily Mail site, click on the link to see more pictures of these stranded polar bears and you will find that this is the first pic in the group. It's caption reads thusly: "Stranded - the giants of the Artic whose world is melting away. Captured on film as they cling precariously to the top of what is left of the ice floe in the Beaufort Sea, northern Alaska, their fragile grip is the perfect symbol of the tragedy of global warming."

Makes you want to kick a Conservative doesn't it.

But to illustrate the lengths they will go to; lie to the public and create masterful propagation pieces, here is the truth. The 'Canadian environmentalists' who they obscurely refer to as being responsible for the picture, is the 'Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution'. They were working on the 'Beaufort Gyre Exploration Project' in 2004 and were taking ice samples with machines that bore deep holes into the ice shelf.

As for the polar bears. Yeah, a student on a field trip, Amanda Byrd took the picture. WHOI got the picture from her. However, she added THIS caption, "Mother polar bear and cub on interesting ice sculpture carved by waves." When asked about the polar bears the website said, "Knowing their exclusive threat from nature would be polar bears, scientist Andrew Hamilton told of how he brought along a shot gun to shoot the territorial creatures if they attacked."

He had a gun to shoot them!!! So a bunch of scientists are standing on solid ice, filming polar bears playing on an ice sculpture just a few feet from where they were standing. There are so many bears around that they feel threatened and carry along a shot gun to kill them if they attack.

A Leftwing UK paper then takes the picture and pretends it is of stranded bears who drown in large numbers and are thin because they have to swim so far to land. How absurd!!! Polar Bears can swim more than 100 miles in a single trek. Their food is in the water at the edge of the ice. It's not as if they must travel many long miles to go home.... they ARE HOME where ever they stop!

We know from my previous posts that the Arctic is adding mass in some places and reducing Ice sheets elsewhere. It has always done so.

Do you see now that these enviro-nazis will go to any length to persuade you to buy into their premise that all global warming is anthropogenic (man made). They want you to put millions of farmers and ranchers out of work and cause our entire economic system to collapse. They say the changes would create new jobs. That is analogist to a group going down mainstreet breaking all the windows in every building and claiming they are creating new jobs for those who make and install windows.

It makes no sense. Not to those of us who enjoy not living in a totalitarian Socialist country. Now do you see why I refer to them as enviro-nazis? They have created a crisis, propagated lies and hypothesis from so called experts whom they claim are the sole authority on the crisis and designed a cure that creates enemies of you and I. They are condemning industrialized nations, farmers, ranchers, those who drive cars, those who have children who in turn breathe air, those who produce goods, and those who eat meat. The only ones not on the enviro-nazis hit list are the nations who pay them (carbon offsets), third world nations and Liberals who follow them.


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