Acanthophis Gore: Acanthophis Gore pt XI

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Acanthophis Gore pt XI

Global Brainwashing!

There is No Global Warming

There is no global warming. Period.
You can't find a real scientist anywhere in the world who can look you in the eye and, without hesitation, without clarification, without saying, kinda, mighta, sorta, if, and or but...say "yes, global warming is with us."
There is no evidence whatsoever to support such claims. Anyone who tells you that scientific research shows warming trends - be they teachers, news casters, Congressmen, Senators, Vice Presidents or Presidents - is wrong. There is no global warming.
Scientific research through U.S. Government satellite and balloon measurements shows that the temperature is actually cooling - very slightly - .037 degrees Celsius.
A little research into modern-day temperature trends bears this out. For example, in 1936 the Midwest of the United States experienced 49 consecutive days of temperatures over 90 degrees. There were another 49 consecutive days in 1955. But in 1992 there was only one day over 90 degrees and in 1997 only 5 days.
Because of modern science and improved equipment, this "cooling" trend has been most accurately documented over the past 18 years. Ironically, that's the same period of time the hysteria has grown over dire warnings of "warming."
Changes in global temperatures are natural. There is no proof that temperature is affected by anything that man has done.

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Anonymous Dave said...

You have got to be kidding me. Really?
Wow, so everybody, every scientist who has a Ph.D through there years of college that has been saying this global warming thing is inevitable, is just flat out wrong?

Hmmm...I read differently than from your right wing think tank called "American".
It is a right wing think know that right?

No Bloviating!
This comment edited. I don't allow long diatribe re-posts of Liberal articles. If you want to leave a link, that's fine if you want to re-post Liberal crap please start your own Blog!

So you're telling me because you read it from one source, a right wing think tank, mind you, that you are going to sit there and tell me and your other readers that Global Warming is just a big left wing conspiracy?
That's the kind of person we're dealing with folks.
Ken, obviously if it gets in the way of your right wing agenda of "things are just fine the way they are", then it's all just a leftist ploy, right?
When are you going to admit that you're not right all the time, that Global Warming is not a partisan issue, and that we are doing more as humans to hurt the earth than help protect it?
It's just a no brainer.
Aparently, so are you if you just take your opinion from one news source and leave it at that.
Global Warming EXISTS! Hello??? Anybody home???
When are you going to come back from going fishing? The results are already in, and you are wrong.


Blogger The Squamata Report said...

Dave said- "...every scientist who has a Ph.D through there years of college that has been saying this global warming thing is inevitable,..."

Just read the other posts in the series. I gave examples of more than 17 thousand scientists and experts who STRONGLY disagree!
I presented two (poor audio) interviews with world renowned experts who make many fantastic points. So for you to claim ALL scientists agree with Al Gorbasm you propagate his lies and share in his culpability for misleading people.
The debate is not over, Gore will not debate with people like Lord Monkton and others. In my series I pointed out that Al Gore lied about the threat. Lied about the cause and is using the Global Warming farce to promote Socialist agendas! You have not answered those points. Because there is no rational argument that supports your statement above or that, "The results are already in.."

Howabout if you actually give the same attention to the dissenting side and make an educated decision as to who you will agree with instead of walking in lock step behind a hypocritical washed up politician? Of course you won't. Because the Main Stream Media won't cover it and you can't get it in little chewy morsels of propaganda. Instead you automatonishly side with the ilk that imprisoned Galileo to house arrest.


Blogger The Squamata Report said...

As for this piece, I do believe the Earth is in a slight warming trend. However I do not believe it is anthropogenic. I believe it is natural and I believe it is caused by the Sun!
If not, why are other planets warming?
Doesn't Solar warming sound more reasonable than natural Co2?
Al Gore and his people will never admit that though because you can't implement Socialism or Marxism due to Solar warming.


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